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Jul 17

Welcome to the 21 Day goal wall! I encourage you to share your short term goals here. Share your story, encourage and inspire others!

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My 21 day goal is to make sure to eat breakfast daily (not just coffee)!


Breakfast is such an important part of the day, you can't expect to be energized and put your best foot forward without eating a healthy breakfast. My goal for the next 21 days is to not only eat breakfast but a healthier one at that!


Anyone have some great breakfast ideas or recipes they would like to share?


Today I had a granola bar and a green & fruit protein shake.

Decided to skip the coffee - though I may need that at lunch!


Greens & Fruits Protein Shake


I did it!!! I stuck with my 21 Day Goal and am now moving on to make it my 90 Day goal. It makes such a difference starting the day off with a good breakfast. Even on the days where it is more of a grab and go style, it is still better than not eating and just having a coffee. I feel like I am more energized and focused!